Ouroborous in News Bias

Bias in news is ubiquitous in modern America. Some news networks seem to employ bias as protocol for delivering the news (I’m looking at you Fox… and I’m giving you a sideways glance, MSNBC!), as if their producers and reporters are intentionally looking to mislead news consumers. Fragmentation and dramatization are simply tools of the trade for the most obvious perpetrators. We get it, Fox News, you don’t like Obama, and you feel it is your duty to define his presidency as an attack on everything that is good and Christian in America. And MSNBC, I understand you feel it is your duty to respond with diatribes by Keith and Rachel about what Fox News is up to, using high drama to demonize Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, et al.
These back-and-forth biases become like a snake swallowing its own tail.Ouroborous
Where does this tug-of-war leave the electorate who still gives a damn about political direction in the U.S. today? For example, Fox’s recent article about “Obamacare” dramatizes and fragments the health care debate, twisting the news to the point that no self-respecting conservative could possibly disagree. This article presents the right-wing zeitgeist as news.
Even the title of the article reflects this bias: Some Dems Campaign Against ObamaCare While Others Stay Mum. The premise: Democrats are divided about Obama’s health care plan. My response is, “Of course they are.” Fox makes it sound like the opposition party’s splitting at the seams, when really it’s extremely rare to have all Congressional Dems or Republicans on board for a given issue throughout the party.
This partisan framing misleads readers by underlining the idea that the Democrats are weak and can’t make up their minds, without reminding us that Republicans in Congress may in fact support the health legislation, although they’ve likely been strong-armed into a status-quo position by party leaders. The article also ignores the fact that socialized health care was first pioneered by Ronald Reagan, the Republican party’s spiritual mascot. International context is equally absent, as is a discussion about why exactly none of us is completely happy about the way the new health care bill has taken shape.
If states are to be given the freedom to modify the federal legislation(such as include a public option or a single-payer option), that’s wonderful, but why did the Republicans vote against inclusion of these measures in the first place?! It all comes down to us vs. them, regardless of any potential common ground.

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