Project Proposals: Three Ideas for Soundslides Design

The UW events calendar and outreach web pages provided plenty of workable ideas for my upcoming Soundslides project.  My partner for the assignment is Justin Trygg, who’s come up with several great ideas of his own.  Tomorrow we plan to meet to whittle our ideas down to one, which we’ll work on together.

Looking at the UW calendar, I immediately appreciated living in a college town: there’s no shortage of events to cover!

First, I noticed an upcoming event in the UW Union Ballroom on October 21st called the Pink Prom.  Further clicks revealed that this event is in fact a dance, like the name implies, but it’s a chance for gay and lesbian students to attend their own prom, a “right of passage that is specifically set up for a heterosexual society,” according to the official Pink Prom page. The dance coincides with Ally Week, a nationally observed week of awareness of LGBT bullying and harassment.  Interviewees would include attendees, event coordinators, and state senator Drumhiller, who is scheduled to speak at the event.

The Ghost Tours of Laramie City event would make another neat soundslides story.  This annual tour of Laramie’s historic prison followed by a hayride to other places of interest in downtown Laramie would offer plenty of interesting photography, ambient noise, and interview opportunities. Potential interviewees might include tour guides, fellow tourists, and perhaps owners of a business that exists within one of the historic buildings downtown.

Lastly, I’d like to check out UW TV, since media editing has been on my mind lately. This on-campus video squad is available for recording, production, and post-production, for a fee. It’s a group I haven’t heard much about, so it might be useful for them to have even a little more exposure.  Possible interviews could be found in the production studio, camera operators for live events, and any managerial staff available to discuss fees and costs required to complete the product, from recording to post-production.

One thought on “Project Proposals: Three Ideas for Soundslides Design

  1. I think the Pink Prom is my favorite story idea. It sounds like it could be a great visual story. I also like the Ghost Tours idea. Great idea! My only concerns with these two stories are the potential for poor lighting for your photography. If these stories need to be photographed in low light conditions, then it could be tricky. Compensate by taking a ton of photos or using a tripod (or some other solid object) to steady your camera. The UW media story is intriguing. It could present some interesting photo opportunities, but since I’m mostly unfamiliar with this group, it’s hard to suggest anything. Would you follow them to one of their jobs that they’ll do? Unsure of the context of this story. If you have any questions, please let me know. Good luck!

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