Soundslides Critiques

After watching a few students’ Soundslides projects in class this week, I was impressed with Marie Smith and Caleb Tillapaugh’s Laramie Artist Profiles, among others of course!  The audio was edited extremely well, and it’s obvious these two put in some time on their project.  No one else in the class switched between speakers so quickly, and it might not have worked for another topic.  But swapping between two interviewees whose art styles are very different casts light on their similarities and kept me engaged until the end.  With my 3rd-grade attention span, this is a real compliment.  A couple rough cuts (one around 1:05 remaining) don’t distract much, and the photography is colorful and interesting.  If I were an editor, I might ask Marie and Caleb for a stronger conclusion.  The speaker seems to introduce a new idea (about anatomy and everyday objects in her art) in the very last line. Overall, this thing is organized awfully well, and I hope Dr. Landreville gives it high marks!

Next, Bridget Wilson and Jaron Jenkins’ Domestic Violence Awareness project stood out from the rest because they chose an issue as their main focus and made its corresponding event secondary.  The use of ads and red full-screen marquees reinforce the heavy topics being discussed, and the music video segment is quick and effective.  The final interview is well-placed and wraps everything up nicely.  There is perhaps one too many photos of the Stop Violence sign board in the office, and one shot toward the end needs to be rotated. Lundy Bancroft’s interview is tough to follow, partly due to background noise but also because he’s just kind of tough to follow.  I understand why the interview was important to include, however.  The piece’s strength is its somber tone about an important and underestimated problem, and Bridget and Jaron present the material very clearly in this slideshow.

Finally, the cover photo for the story about the fraternity-promoted haunted house, by Andie Knous and Jessica Peck, caught my attention right away. More great pictures and tightly synched audio round out a well-conceived Soundslides project.  The photography is bright and clear, uses interesting angles, and was shot in the darkness of a haunted house!  The ambient noise is spot on and even adds to the interviews.  With that said, the audio levels are really low for the slideshow: I had to crank my stereo past 11 to hear the interviews.  Something else I noticed was a weird, glitched-out photo (~0:54 remaining) that’s kind of cool, but should probably be cropped.  Otherwise, good captions and great interviews combine with excellent photography to make this one of the best projects in the class!

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