My name is Zak Bolender, and I am a Journalism student at the University of Wyoming. I will be maintaining this blog for my Writing for the Web course for the Fall 2012 semester, but I am excited about keeping it going indefinitely. My general background is in science, specifically Astronomy and Physics, and my goals for the future include writing for a science newsmagazine, such as Discover, New Scientist, Scientific American, Wired, etc. As a science nut, I fall to the left in most political discussions, which can be somewhat isolating living in Wyoming. I believe discovery, innovation and education are vital factors in America’s continued status as a world leader.  Someday I hope to write about incredible discoveries yet to be made!   A link to my portfolio site is here.


6 thoughts on “Me.

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  5. A friend of mine was applying for a job in Wyoming and it took a substantial amount of time to find it on the map. The nearest population center of more than, I think, 15,000 people was about 90 minutes away.

    • That describes Wyoming very well! I live in the only university town, Laramie, and when school’s in session, our population swells to around 30,000. Very metropolitan for these parts!

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