Find your @#%*ing Polling Place!

This site sums up my attitude about Election Day (and contains strong language, so beware!).  I’m disillusioned by the entire process, with the endless ads, the inaccuracies tolerated within the electoral college system, and the treatment of presidential politics as some kind of cable sports event.  Living in one of the most conservative states in the U.S. means nearly every one of my votes for the past six years has been a protest vote.

I continue to vote, though.  I do it with the hope that one day the antiquated electoral college system will be dismantled, and every single American vote might truly count, regardless of the votes of our neighbors.  I hope that somehow our politicians might become statesmen once more, not celebrities convening focus groups for political talking points.  Call me naive, but I’d rather vote for a keen and critical mind than someone who will say anything to gain office, a practice that defines big elections.

Somewhat begrudgingly, I voted for this guy:


Regardless who you’re voting for, you’re almost out of time!  Find your @#%*ing polling place!